Wrestling Uniforms Need To Know

Wrestling Uniforms Need To Know

Wrestling uniforms have moved beyond the traditional singlet, allowing wrestlers to now wear compression shirts and shorts. While many still choose singlets for matches, there are simply more options now. Maybe you’re looking to replace your high school or collegiate team’s uniforms for an updated look. As you browse through potential manufacturers that could create and design uniforms for your team, there are two important components that you must consider if you want to give your team the very best. One of these is the cut of the uniform. Not only must it be up to regulation standards, but it also needs to be functional and comfortable. Singlets can often not fit correctly, so wrestlers are stuck in uniforms that are too tight or loose. The other important factor here is the fabric, which truly may be the most crucial. How material manages moisture, stretches, breathes, and feels overall can greatly affect your wrestlers’ performance. Here is our guide on what you need to know about wrestling uniforms when shopping around manufacturers to make the most informed choice.

Uniform Fabric

There is not a singular fabric that wrestling uniforms are made of; on the contrary, there are many different types manufacturers use. These often include polyester and spandex, two materials that respectively wick away moisture and provide a compression fit. Check out which fabrics manufacturers offer. Below are the ones we use here at Dynamic Sports:

  1. Stretch Tec: Stretch Tec is a shiny, midweight fabric with a two-way stretch and high retention. It’s incredibly durable and gives the perfect degree of compression. Stretch Tec is made of 91% polyester and 9% spandex.

  2. Flex Dry: This is a very lightweight and breathable material that offers great two-way stretch and moisture management. Flex Dry is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex.

  3. Contact Shell: Contact Shell doesn’t offer much in the way of stretch, but instead focuses on superior moisture control to keep the wearer cool and dry. Plus, it’s extremely lightweight and 100% polyester.

  4. Force Fiber: For matte looks, choose Force Fiber. This fabric is ideal for compression and cooling and has a smooth feel to it. If you don’t want the shininess of the Stretch Tec, choose Force Fiber. It’s 90% polyester and 10% spandex.

All of these wrestling uniform fabrics offer their own benefits, some of which you may need for your team. Maybe you do want that shiny quality after all, or uniforms that place cooling and moisture control over stretch. It all comes down to you knowing the differences in your options no matter who you choose to create your new uniforms.

Uniform Cut (For Men and Women)

There are several types of wrestling uniform cuts in the form of singlets and shirt/shorts. There are traditional singlets, which don’t have the racerback cut like newer versions. They also feature straight hemmed bottoms and wider straps. Women’s singlets are typically styled much like the traditional men’s cut. For divisions allowing shirt and short combination, the shirts must have drop tails to meet uniform requirements. The shorts are designed with v-notch hems to allow wrestlers better range of motion while on the mat. If the manufacturer you’re considering doesn’t offer all of these cuts, don’t short yourself. Instead, choose a company that can offer you everything the sport will allow. At Dynamic, we can do just that. Here are the specifics for our men’s and women’s wrestling uniforms:

  1. Men’s Fight Shirt: Designed with the required scoop back tail, this compression shirt features raglan sleeves, a crew neck, and flatlock seam construction.

  2. Men’s Champion Fit Singlet: As a newer sibling to the traditional singlet, the Champion Fit is made with a racerback cut that gives the wrestler a more aggressive appeal. It also features elastic gripper leg bands, neck and armhole bindings, and flatlock seam construction. The side seam is offset to the back should you wish to have oblique logo placements.

  3. Men’s Traditional Fit Singlet: With this singlet, you can keep it classic with straight hemmed bottoms, elastic gripper leg bands, neck and armhole bindings, and flatlock seam construction.

  4. Women’s Traditional Fit Singlet: These singlets are designed exactly like our Men’s Traditional Fit but accommodate the smaller sizing needs of female wrestlers.

  5. Men’s Fight Short: These full-panel shorts have a 2.5” elastic waistband and center front placket. They also feature side slits at the hem and serged seam construction. They’re perfect for a large design with your school’s logo and/or team name.

If your team loves classic wrestling, choose the Traditional Fit. As long as you aren’t restricted by your school board, these are all up to regulations standards and can be used in any school or university. If you aren’t sure which uniform cut to choose, have the team give their input by downloading our catalog. They’ll also be able to see our fabric offerings and examples of the cuts in their finished forms.

The Importance of Design

While others may only be able to offer you a small selection of colors, fonts, and pre-made designs, you won’t find that here. Instead, we open the floor up to creative possibilities! No matter what colors your wrestling team has, the design ideas you have, or the fonts you need, we can more than accommodate. We’ve been in the uniform industry for over 30 years, creating one of a kind jerseys and more for teams of all kinds—from recreational to collegiate and even professional. Not only will you receive uniforms that properly fit your team and keep them cool during the match, but they’ll look great too. Our high quality sublimated graphics and spectrum of colors will give you the best uniforms your team has ever worn. We guarantee it!

Start the season off right with brand new wrestling uniforms for your men’s and/or women’s team. Contact us today with any questions you have about our cuts, fabrics, or design capabilities. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.