What Makes Our Uniforms Different

What Makes Our Uniforms Different

When choosing something as important as team uniforms, you need options of high standards to outlast the season. While there are plenty of choices on the market today for this need, there are a few reasons why choosing Dynamic Team Sports is the right choice. So, what makes our uniforms different? Let's take a closer look to help you make the right choice for your team today!

Material Selection

Here at Dynamic Team Sports, we understand the importance of material as the backbone of a great uniform. With a focus on innovation and using only the latest technology in terms of material, our uniforms come in options such as Dyna Dry, Flex Dry, Dry Tech, Durafiber, and Aerofiber. Why does that matter? It matters because these special technology materials offer different levels of performance tailored to the exact needs of athletes. These options are either 100% polyester in a special fiber or they are polyester blended with additional materials to give the best of both materials in one uniform.

The use of polyester and polyester blends is part of what sets our uniforms apart from others. We understand that athletes get pretty dirty and sweaty on the field or court which is why polyester is ideal. This material offers a lightweight appeal with unrivaled breathability, as well as moisture wicking properties, to keep players dry and comfortable. The material we offer is also great in terms of movability since it gives a little stretch to allow for movement as the player plays their game. Polyester is also incredibly durable and long lasting with a resistance to rips, tears, abrasions, and even wrinkles.

Quality Manufacturing

When looking at what makes our uniforms different, the material is only part of the equation. The matter of manufacturing is also important. Using only the finest techniques and a careful attention to detail, every uniform we produce meets only the highest of standards for quality. From the quality of the dyes in your chosen color to every single stitch, our focus on quality manufacturing is evident in every aspect. Why does quality manufacturing matter so much? With uniforms of lesser quality, you run into issues such as seams coming out, uniforms falling apart, and a slightly disheveled appearance for your team. You want the team to look and play their best. In order to achieve this goal, high-quality uniforms are a must. We offer over 30 years of experience in creating high-quality uniforms for a wide range of sports. When you need a company you can trust with your team, we are the one to beat!

Full Customization

While our material selection and quality manufacturing are key components to a winning strategy, the full customization option is what really sets us apart from the competition. When other companies offer customization, it typically means a choice in color and number, but we offer a full customization option which allows you to truly tailor the uniform to your exact needs. We have a wide range of styles and cuts, as well as team colors and numbers, but we also offer a wide range of fonts for letters and numbers which makes it easier than ever to create a fully customized uniform for your team. You even have choices on matters overlooked by others such as logo/images for the jersey and options for right or left hip text. With our system, it is easy to see a mockup of your design before ordering to make sure it matches up with your vision for the team. Best of all, we are real people helping real people so if you need further assistance creating the right design, our team of designers will gladly work with you for a more personal touch in achieving the desired outcome. The ability to truly customize every aspect of the uniform definitely makes us stand out as a top choice for this need.


Another element which makes our uniforms noteworthy is the affordability. We believe that high-quality uniforms customized to your exact needs shouldn't take up your entire team budget for the year. We focus on bringing you the best uniforms at the best prices possible.

Fast Shipping

We also know that you don't have time to wait around on uniforms with an impending season looming over your head. Our company focuses on fast shipping to ensure you get the uniforms you need in a timely manner. When you compare our 4-week average to the 12 week average of larger companies, it is no wonder customers choose us for fast shipping on their team uniform needs.