Ways to Raise Money for Sports Teams Uniforms

A sports team is always a great way to get out and enjoy a popular sport. It can also get rather costly when it comes to the overall operating costs of running a team. When it comes to the apparel aspect, there are a few great ways to raise money for sports teams uniforms.

  1. Car wash: One of the easiest and most popular ways to raise money for sports teams uniforms is a car wash. A car wash is a great way to involve the team in fundraising since they can get out there and work as a team to wash cars at a cost. This is ideal during the warmer months of the year since it is outdoors. You will want to host the car wash at a location where you will get a lot of traffic such as at a gas station with the permission of the business. This is an easy and ideal way to raise some funds for the team while involving the community. You can even host more than one car wash or in more than one location to get even more donations.

  2. Local sponsorships: Another of the easiest ways to raise money for sports teams uniforms is through local sponsorship. Local businesses are always looking for new ways to spread word of mouth about their business and sports fans are potential customers. If you can work with local businesses to pay for advertisement either at the location, on the uniform, or some other form of promoting their business to fans, it can help pay for the costs of new uniforms. When taking this route of fundraising, you should consider local businesses related to your sport, sports fans in general, or nearby local restaurants where fans could go after a game to grab dinner. If the business is nearby where games are usually played, it is more of an incentive for a business to offer sponsorship.

  3. Community yard sale: When looking for a quick way to make some money for the team to get new uniforms, a community or team yard sale is a great way to drum up some money over the weekend. This is also a great way to declutter and get rid of items in your home you aren’t using anymore which means there is no downside to taking this route! You can include the team in the yard sale by compiling a range of higher cost and lower cost items from each member to bring in more sales over the weekend. You will have better luck hosting the yard sale over the entire weekend rather than just holding a one day yard sale so plan for the entire weekend and make sure you have plenty of items to offer shoppers.

  4. Doggie Walk Donations: Dog walking is an important part of being a pet parent to a pooch, but it can be pretty tedious. This is great news for your fundraising efforts! You can make an event out of it by passing out flyers at games about having the team walk dogs on a specified weekend. Most fans with dogs will probably take the team up on this fun offer as a way to support the team and get a break from walking their pooch. This is an easy and fun way to make some extra money for the team while building a greater sense of community with fans.

  5. Bake Sale: Everyone loves a sweet treat! A bake sale is a tried and true way to raise funds for the team in need of new uniforms. Since you can involve the team in the baking, it is a process the whole team gets to partake in while making some money for the costs of uniforms. You can even host multiple bake sales to meet the funding need such as having a bake sale at a few of the end of season games to make some money for the next season.

  6. Lesson Exchange: Another way to get the community involved in your team while also meeting your fundraising goals for the cost of new uniforms is to offer a lesson to fans in exchange for a donation. This can even be a full day event similar to a day camp to allow you to charge a larger fee or it can be just a few hours. This is great for fans of all ages looking to learn more about the sport as instructed by their favorite team and coach.