Types of Fabric Used in Our Uniforms

Types of Fabric Used in Our Uniforms

When it comes to finding the right uniform for the team, the material is the main matter of concern. The fabric used in a uniform can make or break the comfort and thereby performance of a player. With this understanding between the player and their uniform deeply ingrained in all we do, we aim to use only the most advanced fabrics on the scene. In fact, we utilize only the latest in fabric technology to ensure a great outcome for your team. Let's take a look at the types of fabric used in our uniforms to put your mind at ease.

Qualities of Exceptional Material

When looking at the types of fabric used in our uniforms, there are certain hallmarks evident in each one. While these materials are all different in their feel or function, they carry many of the same aspects. These are the main characteristics we seek when considering fabrics:

  • Moisture wicking. When it comes to playing sports, there is a lot of sweat involved. We want athletes to stay comfortable and dry which is evident in the materials we choose for our uniforms. With moisture wicking properties, these fabrics keep sweat off the skin so players stay dry and keep their head in the game.
  • Breathable. Another important aspect is the breathability of the fabric since this helps when players get sweaty or hot. The breathability allows for proper air flow to avoid trapping in heat. It not only keeps the player cool; it also helps cut down on odors since there is better air flow.
  • Soft. When playing sports, the last thing you want is an itchy, uncomfortable uniform getting in the way. We focus on using materials that are soft and never scratchy while providing a bit of stretch for easy movement.
  • Durable. A uniform needs to be able to withstand some tough environments and conditions without showing signs of wear and tear. The fabrics we employ are made to last through the toughest games. With a focus on being resistant to stains, tears, rips, or fading, all of the materials we utilize are ready to play for years.
  • Easy care. Another important matter we consider when choosing fabrics for our uniforms is the matter of care. No one wants a uniform fabric they have to take to the dry cleaners after every game. This would quickly get costly and time consuming for anyone. We use machine washable materials that are easy to care for and fade resistant so you can wash them over and over without any worry.

Polyester: We use polyester for the majority of our uniforms because this material meets the above-mentioned characteristics of exceptional quality. This material offers long-lasting performance, comfort for years of wear, and incredible moisture wicking. We don't just use polyester, however. We use polyester in a few different forms listed below. While these are polyester by makeup, each option is unique in its composition and features.

Dyna Dry Fabric: A flat-backed mock mesh, this is a moisture-wicking performance fabric. It is 100% polyester and offers incredible breathability. It is commonly used in basketball uniforms or any option in need of a mesh feel. It is soft and comfortable for any player while offering a breathable factor sure to please.

Flex Dry: A lightweight, breathable, two-way stitch with moisture management, this option is a blend of 90 percent polyester and 10 percent spandex. The added spandex gives a great deal of stretch which makes it perfect for a sports uniform, especially one where movement is key such as baseball. This fabric keeps players dry and comfortable while also offering an incredibly durable option made to last game after game.

Dry Tec: This is a lightweight, microfiber fabric with pique moisture wicking ability. It has a smooth, flat face without texture which makes it resistant to wrinkles and allows it to keep a great appearance. This 100% performance polyester keeps players dry, comfortable, and looking their best.

Durafiber: As one of the more durable and heavier weight options, Durafiber is ideal for a range of sports and needs. While it is a heavier double knit made of 100% polyester, it is still breathable and moisture wicking for the best of both worlds. This option offers unmatched durability while still utilizing all the characteristics of polyester for a comfortable outcome.


Made to offer impressive breathability with a total moisture-wicking performance component, AeroWear is ideal for the hottest days when players need extra help staying dry and cool. It is also antibacterial to help with odor protection and offers compression sleeves in select options for even more performance features any player will love.

We are proud to offer only the best fabrics on the market for all your playing needs. We offer all of these fabrics in a range of uniform choices which only adds to the versatility in achieving the desired outcome. When it comes to creating uniforms the team is sure to love, these fabrics are the ones to beat!