The Custom Uniform Design Process from Start to Finish

If you are on the hunt for new custom baseball jerseys for the team, you already know it can feel like an overwhelming task. The uniform needs to be perfect and represent your team in the best possible way. We understand how important the right uniform is here at Dynamic Team Sports. Our custom uniform design tool is easy to use and helps you create the best uniform for the need of your team. Let's take a closer look at the custom uniform design process from start to finish.

Step 1. Pick Your Sport

When ordering with us, the first step is to pick your sport. Here at Dynamic Team Sports, we carry a wide range of uniform types for sports such as basketball, baseball, hockey, football, lacrosse, soccer, and more. Each sport has a different uniform so its important to choose the sport as your starting point in the custom design process. In this case, let's look at baseball.

Step 2. Consider Material Choices/Overall Style

Once you have chosen your sport, you will find a few choices in materials in our baseball uniform builder. If you are unsure of which material is used in a design, simply click the design and it will tell you in the description if it uses materials such as Dyna Dry, Flex Dry, Dry Tech, or one of our other high-quality materials. You can also contact us directly for assistance regarding the material type best suited to your needs.

This is also the step where you will select the overall style of the uniform. You will have the chance to refine the uniform to meet your exact needs in later steps, but choosing the overall style helps to narrow down the many choices we offer.

Step 3. Pick Team Colors

Once you have chosen the overall style of the uniform, you can start customizing it to your needs using our custom jersey maker. The team colors are the logical place to start customizing. We offer a complete lineup of colors to help you find the right choice for the team. With the option to incorporate several colors at once into the design, it is easier than ever to include the main colors and any accompanying colors for a well-rounded look the team is sure to love.

Step 4. Select Cut and Style

Once you have decided on colors, you can move on to selecting the cut (fit) and style. This step lets you choose certain elements such as where to add stripes, where the different colors will be placed, and matters of fit such as neck openings of crew or V-neck, number of buttons, and more to ensure baseball jerseys custom made to your needs.

Step 5. Manually Adjust Colors

Once you have chosen the right cut and style for the uniform, you will have the chance to manually adjust the colors. This part of the customizing process sets Dynamic Team Sports apart from other retailers because we believe in giving you as much control as possible in the design process. With this step, you can truly create a one-of-a-kind custom baseball jersey with the colors exactly where you want them.

Step 6. Text, Numbers, and Font

The next step is to choose the text, numbers, and the font for both these aspects. There are several fonts available, and you have the choice of adding effects such as outlines to really make the text or numbers stand out from the uniform. You will also have the chance to decide where you want the text or numbers placed on the uniform such as the center of the jersey, right or left sleeve, and left or right hip on the pants.

Step 7. Upload Logos or Insignia

The next step is to upload any team logos or insignia you want on the uniform. You will be able to upload the image directly to the ordering system and our staff will get to work on creating the finished result.

Step 8. Create a Roster

The final step to customize baseball jerseys is to create your roster before submitting the order. This is where you will enter the player's name, number, and their uniform size to make sure you get everything right for the individual player. You will also have the chance to get a quote before placing the order once you have entered the roster information and the quantity of uniforms needed.

Step 9. Place Order!

Finally, once you have filled out all the pertinent information and created the uniforms of your choice, you can place the order. Our staff will get to work on creating your uniform design quickly for a high quality finished product.