Welcome to the Creator+ Online Builder File Preparation Page!

To ensure a seamless experience with our Creator+ Online Builder, it's essential that all designs are uploaded in the correct format. This page allows you to upload your design files and convert them into the .svg format, which is required for our builder to function properly.

Why .SVG Files?

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files are vital for our builder because they retain high quality at any scale. This means your designs will look crisp and clear, no matter the size. For the conversion process to work effectively, please ensure that your files are originally in a vector format.

How to Upload and Convert:

  1. Click on the "Upload File" button to select your design file (.ai, .eps, or .pdf) from your device.
  2. Once uploaded, click the "Convert to .SVG" button.
  3. After the conversion process completes, download your new .svg file, ready for use in the Creator+ Online Builder.

Accepted Vector Formats:

  • .AI (Adobe Illustrator): Ideal for complex designs, ensuring that every detail is preserved in the conversion process.
  • .EPS (Encapsulated PostScript): Perfect for high-resolution illustrations, making it a great choice for logos and branding elements.
  • .PDF (Portable Document Format): In some cases, PDFs that contain vector graphics can also be used. Please ensure your PDF is created as a vector file.

What Are Vector Files?

Vector files are digital artworks made up of paths, points, lines, and curves based on mathematical equations, unlike raster files, which are made up of pixels. This allows vector files to be scaled up or down infinitely without losing quality, making them ideal for design and printing purposes. Vectors are commonly used for logos, icons, typesetting, and digital illustrations.

Need Help?

If you encounter any issues or have questions about preparing your files, our support team is here to assist. Reach out to us here, and we'll make sure your designs are ready to shine in the Creator+ Online Builder.

Thank you for choosing Creator+ for your design needs. We're excited to see what you'll create!