Necessary Uniform Accessories

Necessary Uniform Accessories

Is your sports uniform missing an importance piece? There are all kinds of accessories available to athletes in every sport. Whether you want to block the sun out of your eyes, keep sweat from impacting your performance, or simply stay warm when the temperature drops, there are a wide range of necessary uniform accessories you can find to help you stay at the top of your game. In this guide, we explore some of the essentials you’ll want to have for the season.

Necessary Uniform Accessories

  • Base Layers: When wearing only one layer to train or compete in cold weather, there is a good chance that those muscles you depend on to play are cold too. Layering can help you protect your body from the elements without weighing you down or causing your uniform to trap too much heat. A base layer should be the base of your uniform and the very first layer you wear against your skin before you add any extra layers. Moisture-wicking tops are perfect for warm days and pre-season training during the spring or summer months. With an array of high-tech, lightweight synthetic fabrics available to you, you can keep your core warm without feeling overheated. Base layers also work hand in hand with sports bras, compression wear, and other sports accessories.

  • Buffs: Neckwear may seem like the least of your concerns, but even your neck needs to be protected from the elements. A buff can be worn as either a face mask or a neck warmer when you are training or playing in cold conditions. These innovative face masks are made of lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool even when you start working up a sweat.

  • Compression Sleeves: There are many reasons why athletes wear compression sleeves. These sleeves promote proper circulation in a given area, protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays, and work as a layer that moderates body temperature more regularly. Compression sleeves can also help muscles that might feel sore after exercise with faster recovery, because they allow the de-oxygenated blood to circulate back to the heart more quickly.

  • Hats: Exercising under the blazing sun can certainly take a toll. Caps and hats are worn in a wide variety of sports. By design, a hat can draw perspiration away from the head and keep you cool through evaporating sweat. Hats are also great at controlling those flyaway hairs that get into your eyes or stick to your face. Above all, a hat can be used to shield your face and scalp from the sun or rain, providing you with a visor from dust and wind.

  • Headbands: On the topic of perspiration, there’s no need to suffer through sweat dripping down your face and getting into your eyes during the middle of a game. With a sweat-absorbing headband, you can keep the sweat at bay and keep those locks of hair from posing as a distraction. Plus, wearing a headband is easier than carrying a towel around.

  • Hoodies: Layering up to play in cold conditions is essential to keeping your body warm and prepared for exercise, but that’s not the only reason why athletes wear hoodies. Layering with a hoodie can help prevent you from incurring injuries. A hoodie helps trap heat in and warm up those muscles you need to perform to the best of your abilities. When muscles are cold, there is a far greater risk of pulling something or making your muscles sore after exercise.

  • Socks: Your socks are probably the last thing you think about when it comes to putting on a uniform, but socks are just as important as the shoes on your feet. Socks promote proper blood flow to help you stand, run, and jump. Socks are also great at absorbing excess sweat, so you don’t start sliding around in your cleats or sneakers. Socks that feature breathable panels allow for more air flow and help to keep feet cool.

At Dynamic Team Sports, we carry all the necessary sports accessories an athlete could possibly need to complete a uniform. We would be happy to help you outfit your team with accessories in a wide range of colorways and customization options. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about our inventory or services today.