Dynamic Team Sports Custom Uniform Process

Dynamic Team Sports Custom Uniform Process

Are you and your team in the market for new uniforms? You came to the right place. Dynamic Team Sports proudly serves every sport under the sun, including baseball, basketball, field hockey, football, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, track, volleyball, and wrestling, just to name a few. With over 30 years of experience in uniform construction, design, and sublimation, we have effectively outfitted athletes at every level of competition. Using our online design tool, you can customize shirts and pants to create something utterly unique for your athletes. In this guide, we explain our custom uniform process from start to finish to ensure your uniforms exceed all expectations.

Select Uniform Type

We offer a wide variety of custom sports uniforms that can be personalized from head to toe. If you already have an eye on one of our signature designs, you may only need to select the perfect size. We keep our selection stocked with traditional jerseys, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, tanks, pants, shorts, and singlets, depending on the sport. Please double check the uniform requirements of your club, league, school, or university before finalizing your design.

Select Team Colors

We suggest you pick at least five colors. You can try using white or different shades of your team’s primary colors to create a unique color scheme that will certainly catch the eye of the competition. Once you select the perfect cut and style for your team’s uniforms, you can manually adjust your uniform colors by importance and function. You can take a closer look at the front, back, left, and right as you go to make sure that your uniform looks just as you envisioned it.

Select Cut and Style

Uniforms should not be one size fits all. That is precisely why we offer a wide range of cuts and styles for you to choose from. Each cut and style we offer is available in an array of high-performance fabrics. Our signature fabrics are made of polyester and/or spandex to ensure optimal moisture-wicking, cooling, and compression. We offer crew necks and V-necks as well as performance and relaxed fits. Many of the tanks we offer for basketball, field hockey, and track feature a flatlock seam or serged seam construction for maximum durability.

Select Text and Numbers

We offer a wide selection of Serif, Sans Serif, and Script fonts to choose from, so you can give your custom uniforms a touch of personality with text. You can even add an effect to the font of your choice. Keep the text straight or make it curved. Change the font size to make your team name and numbers more visible to fans. Select the fill color and outline color to help your team name and numbers stand out against the colorful backdrop. You can also add a second line.

Select Logos and Insignia

Within our online design tool, you can select the perfect position for your logo and upload your image directly into the design. Once the image is uploaded, you will get a sneak preview of what the uniform will look like from the front. Once again, we recommend that you confirm the uniform regulations of your club, league, school, or university with regard to letter, logo, or number coloration, position, and size before finalizing your design to ensure compliance.

  1. Select position and upload logo / image for jersey front.
  2. Select pants left hip: choose between adding a logo, number, or letter.
  3. Select pants right hip: choose between adding a logo, number, or letter.

Create Your Team Roster

You can either manually create your roster or use our Excel template to upload your roster and save time in the long run. To complete your roster line by line, simply enter the number, player name, size, and quantity. We offer a wide selection of sizes to choose from, ranging from YS to AXXXL. To complete your roster using our Excel template, simply complete the fillable form in order of size, upload the CSV file, and confirm the total amount of uniforms needed. You can edit your roster at any time throughout the customization process.

Now that you know more about our custom uniform process, we hope that you will take a look at our selection of sports uniforms to find the perfect solution for the upcoming season. We make it easier than ever before for teams to design one-of-a-kind uniforms that are comfortable, cool, and easy on the eyes. If you have any questions about our custom uniform process or would like to learn more about receiving a quote, please feel free to contact us for more information.