Do Uniforms Help With Your Playing Ability?

Do Uniforms Help With Your Playing Ability?

There is nothing quite like walking out onto the course, court, or field wearing the same uniform as your teammates. Sports apparel has the unique ability to make each player feel like an individual as well as an important part of the group. This would make anyone wonder: can uniforms increase playing ability? There have been several studies on the impact that uniforms have on athletic performance, but the question also boils down to perception and poise. We'll take a closer look at the potential effects that uniforms might have on athletes and their abilities.

Can Uniforms Increase Playing Ability?

Athletes are always on the hunt for any advantage that will improve their performance, but the apparel they wear may not seem like an obvious influence. When most people prepare for interviews, many of them ascribe to the philosophy of dressing for the jobs they want, not the jobs they have. The same idea can be applied to sports. When an athlete dresses for success, chances are that he or she will believe in the outcome and react accordingly. As the old saying goes, sports are about 80 percent mental and 20 percent physical. A uniform can impact performance in several ways.

In any sport, success depends on having patience, perseverance, and a little bit of luck. That's precisely why some athletes turn to talismans and a bevy of remarkable rituals, but please don't let that be the reason why you stop washing your socks. A clean, well-made uniform can have a profound effect on the way an athlete plays. In fact, the color of that uniform may have a significant role in athletic performance, too. Subtle color psychology and sports go hand in hand!

Back in 1988, researchers at Cornell University sought to find a connection between teams that wore black uniforms and levels of aggression. The study examined professional football and ice hockey teams, taking penalties over the course of several seasons into account. They found teams that wore black uniforms to be more aggressive than teams that wore non-black uniforms. When teams switched from non-black uniforms to black uniforms, there was an immediate increase in penalties. These findings were attributed to self-perception and social perception; players not only felt more aggressive but they were also perceived as being more aggressive by referees.

A more recent study took a closer look at the use of red in athletic apparel. Psychological scientists from various universities wanted to identify any possible advantages of red coloration in human competition. The findings revealed something unique about our underlying biological systems. Wearing red in the course of a direct competitive task resulted in higher baseline testosterone levels among men recruited for the study. Athletes may choose red uniforms as a display of competitive quality, which might be advantageous in terms of influencing the competition's perception. However, wearing red does not necessarily mean that a team is more likely to be victorious.

There are many psychological effects that sports uniforms have on the players who wear them. Although color plays an important role in perception, a uniform must also feel comfortable and fit well. A well-designed uniform can mean the difference between an athlete who is constantly distracted by outward appearances and an athlete who can focus on the game. Moreover, excess heat can lead to increased core body temperature and dehydration, which can prevent the heart from pumping enough oxygenated blood back to the muscles. No athlete or coach should settle for anything less than the best fabrics, made with all new top-of-the-line moisture-wicking and cooling technologies. Uniforms may not be able to directly increase playing ability, but they can certainly influence an athlete's comfort and confidence.

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