Different Uniform Styles

Different Uniform Styles

Athletes tend to wear very different outfits depending on the sports they play. Although baseball and fastpitch or field hockey and lacrosse are nearly identical in many respects, there are a few major differences between the two uniforms worn by these athletes. In this guide, we explore the many uniform styles that are available to you and your athletes. With our help, you can find the perfect solution for your sports team.

Beginner's Guide to Uniform Styles

When shopping for athletic apparel, all the technical terms you may come across can seem intimidating. Fortunately, this guide will teach you more about the different uniforms worn in a wide variety of sports.

Baseball / Fastpitch: The uniform of America's favorite pastime has evolved tremendously over time. You probably already recognize the iconic baseball uniform with raglan sleeves. This classic baseball uniform comes with a full-button front or a two-button front. Unlike the raglan sleeve, which has a seam that extends from the underarm to the neckline, a set-in sleeve's seam starts at the shoulder and continues around to complete the arm. Throwback tees feature a performance fit while game tees feature a relaxed fit. Most baseball and softball players have a choice between full-length pants and knicker pants, which end just beneath the knee. Fastpitch players also have a choice between wearing sleeves and no sleeves. Sleeveless tops are available with or without buttons and in an array of necklines.

Basketball: Until the clock strikes zero, every second in the paint is fast-paced. That's why basketball players require lightweight, breathable fabrics, not to mention sizable sleeve cutouts for maximum range of motion. Game jerseys feature a flatlock seam construction and side panel inserts. 400 series jerseys feature shoulder inserts and a front panel that wraps around to the back. Retro jerseys pay homage to the past, with two panels, a crew neckline, a serged seam construction, and a straight hemmed bottom. All basketball jerseys are available in single or double ply reversible options. Most basketball shorts feature a grippy elastic waistline to ensure a clean tuck for the duration of the game, but they also include a drawstring so each player can find the optimal fit.

Field Hockey / Lacrosse: Although lacrosse may be known as the fastest sport on two feet, field hockey is quickly gaining an international audience in more than 100 countries around the world. The classic lacrosse uniform consists of a competition jersey with a relaxed fit as well as set-in sleeves and full-cut shorts, which are ideal for large artwork. Traditional shorts feature four-inch side panels for a full range of movement. A desperado jersey is one that features raglan sleeves and a V-neck design with sewn-in side panels and piping upon request. Reversible tanks for practices and scrimmages are available with either narrow or wide shoulders. Field hockey uniforms include the classic racerback jersey or tank as well as a skirt or skort with compression short options.

Football: From first downs to touchdowns, football players need quality uniforms that can take on the toughest competition. A lineman jersey features a relaxed fit construction, dual fabric capability, and sewn-in side panels as well as a knit mitered neckline and arm trim. Raglan jerseys are made of a single fabric and feature a form-fitting construction. Skills jerseys feature a multi-fabric design, contoured yoke, sewn-in piping, side panels, and trim. Lace front football pants are preferred by adult and youth teams because of their durability, but flat front football pants eliminate the risk of anything getting caught in the front laces. All football pants come fully equipped with sewn-in pad pockets to accommodate a player's safety needs.

Ice Hockey: In a cold ice rink, hockey players need uniforms that can keep them warm without weighing them down. That's why the typical hockey uniform consists of durable, moisture-wicking fabrics that are lightweight and breathable. Hockey jerseys come in either the traditional V-neck or traditional lace neck, both of which feature a double layer reinforced shoulder yoke and serged seam construction. Goalie jerseys are slightly shortened and feature an increased sleeve width for greater freedom of movement.

Soccer: Some people dream about goals – soccer players make them. The traditional soccer uniform consists of a jersey and shorts as well as shin guards, socks, and cleats. Champion fit jerseys feature a performance fit, serged seam construction, and set-in sleeves. Men's champion fit jerseys are only available with a crew neck while women's champion fit jerseys are only available with a V-neck. Raglan jerseys also feature a performance fit and serged seam construction, but they have a straight hemmed bottom. Full-cut shorts are ideal for large designs. The only difference between men's and women's soccer shorts is the inseam length.

Track: Lightweight is the name of the game when it comes to track. Men's and women's track uniforms are typically made of moisture-wicking fabrics to keep athletes cool and comfortable under the blazing sun. Champion fit tops feature a racerback design, an athletic fit, and a flatlock seam construction as well as a curved hem and back yoke that can be made of mesh fabric. Traditional track tops feature a classic tank cut, relaxed fit, serged seam construction, and a straight hem at the bottom. Champion fit shorts feature an overall at the side seams for increased mobility while traditional shorts feature slits at the side seams. All track shorts come with a lining.

Volleyball: Between men and women, volleyball uniforms vary. Men's volleyball uniforms typically consist of a raglan top or sleeveless jersey with a crew neckline, performance, fit, straight hemmed bottom, and serged seam construction. Men wear full-cut shorts while women wear compression shorts made of a two-way stretch fabric. Women also have a choice between set-in or raglan long sleeves, but both come with an athletic fit and flatlock seam construction.

Wrestling: Pain may be temporary, but pride is forever when it comes to the world's oldest sport. The iconic wrestling uniform is certainly the singlet, but many associations are now approving two-piece uniforms. Fight shirts feature a compression fit, raglan sleeves, a scoop back tail, and a flatlock seam construction. Fight shorts feature a center front placket, serged seam construction, and side slits at the hem. Singlets are available with either a racerback or traditional tank cut with flatlock seam construction for extra flexibility.

Deciding on the right cut and style for your custom uniforms can be tricky, but hopefully this article gives you a much better idea of what to expect when you start shopping and customizing. At Dynamic Team Sports, we have over 30 years of experience in uniform construction and design. We would be happy to help you find a solution for your sports team!