Different Types of Uniforms

Different Types of Uniforms

Uniforms have been a part of the sports world for more than a century. Everything an athlete wears is cut and styled for a specific reason. Wresters require optimum mobility whereas ice hockey players require clothing that will keep them warm in a cold ice rink. Every element of an athletic uniform is carefully considered in order to help athletes perform to the best of their abilities, but what makes a sports uniform unique? In this guide, we explore the different types of uniforms to determine how they are designed for individual athletes in every sport.

Different Types of Sports Uniforms

  • Baseball: America’s favorite pastime takes a traditional approach to apparel. The contemporary baseball uniform consists of full button jerseys and throwback tees offered with set-in or raglan style sleeves as well as performance fit tops and relaxed fit game tees for practice. Baseball pants are available in full length with a double knee construction or knicker length with elastic bottoms. Compression sleeves are available in bicep to wrist length.

  • Basketball: With the advent of synthetic materials, basketball uniforms have changed a lot since the heavy wool days of old. It wasn’t until Michael Jordan arrived on the scene in 1988 that basketball shorts began to become long, so a player could have something to hold onto when needing to bend over on the court. Today’s basketball shorts are all about fit and functionality, in your choice of full cut or loose with side panels and a variety of inseam length options. Jerseys and single- or double-ply reversible jerseys are all cut like tanks to ensure full range of motion. Depending on your needs, you also have shooter shirts, pullover hoodies, compression sleeves, and base layers to choose from.

  • Fastpitch: When you’re tough enough to play ball like a girl, you deserve nothing but the finest uniform. Fastpitch players require the freedom and flexibility it takes to bat, catch, or pitch using a “windmill” type of movement. Most fastpitch jerseys feature set-in or raglan sleeves and some have no sleeves at all. Sleeveless jerseys are available in crew neck, V-neck, tank, or racerback, with and without buttons. Fastpitch pants are available in knicker or full length with double knee construction for durability and welted back pockets for convenience.

  • Football: From the snap to the pass, every second counts in football. The foundation of any football uniform is an athletic football jersey that features double shoulders and a three-needle finish for durability. Players can choose between lineman jerseys with a relaxed fit, raglan cut jerseys with a form-fitting construction, or skills-oriented jerseys with contoured yoke, sewn-in piping, and side panels. Football pants are also tight with built-in slots and sewn-in pad pockets to accommodate safety equipment. Both lace front and flat front pants feature a flatlock seam construction.

  • Ice Hockey: Despite playing in a cold environment, hockey players still generate a lot of sweat and require breathable performance fabrics that won’t weigh them down or limit mobility. Jerseys are available in a lace neck or V-neck finish, with or without double elbows. To complete the hockey uniform, players wear matching socks and pant shells.

  • Lacrosse / Field Hockey: Cradling, cutting, and checking would be difficult to do without the right clothing. Lacrosse uniforms are more spacious than field hockey uniforms, because lacrosse players have to wear protective pads beneath their jerseys. Lacrosse players wear traditional sleeved jerseys, reversible tanks with narrow or wide shoulders, and full-cut shorts with a drawstring to help them achieve the optimal fit. Field hockey players wear racerbacks or tanks with a flared uniform body, a low-profile V-neck finish, and sewn-in side panels as well as a skirt or skort with an elastic waistband.

  • Soccer: Most of the soccer jerseys you see on the field today have not strayed very far from jerseys worn since the 1960s. Shirts still feature the same basic design with short sleeves, crew or V-shaped necklines, and a three-needle stitch for maximum durability. Soccer shorts are specially designed for agility and speed in your choice of a champion fit or full-cut design with multiple standard inseam length options to choose from. A soccer uniform isn’t complete without shin guards, tall socks, and cleats. Be prepared for playing in the sun, snow, or rain by stocking up on base layers.

  • Track: Running, jumping, and throwing in warm weather calls for clothing that is lightweight and breathable. Since synthetic materials have made their mark on the modern track uniform, sprinters and long-distance runners have an array of aerodynamic, close-fitting tops and bottoms to choose from, including champion fit racerbacks or traditional fit tanks and running shorts with liners. Track athletes might also wear warm-up jackets and leggings in between events.

  • Volleyball: Serving, setting, and spiking are all actions that call for clothing that can keep up with the fast-paced action on the court or the sand. A contemporary volleyball uniform includes jersey tops available in sleeveless, short sleeve, and long sleeve options. All sleeve options are accompanied by the option of a crew neck or V-neck finish. Volleyball shorts come in various inseam lengths, with or without sewn-in side panels. Players can also wear compression shorts.

  • Wrestling: When it comes to one of the oldest competitive sports known to man, athletes require clothing that can move with them for optimum agility. Some of the newest trends include compression tops with raglan sleeves and a drop tail, full-cut shorts, or compression shorts. Wrestling singlets are more traditional but still widely used today.

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