Choosing Your Uniform Number

Choosing Your Uniform Number

As any player or sports fan knows, the number on a sports uniform is so much more than just a number. In many cases, the number becomes synonymous with certain players and even ends up getting retired with the player, such as Michael Jordan and his signature number 23. When it comes to choosing your uniform number, there is certainly plenty of pressure. Let’s take a look at some tips to make the process a little easier so you can find the right number for you!

  1. Keep in mind limitations: When it comes to choosing your uniform number, you should keep in mind the sport and position you play since there are a few guidelines dictating jersey numbers. For example, in football, the number range available is based on the positions. Numbers 1-19 are for quarterbacks, punters, and place kickers whereas defensive backs fall in the range of numbers 20-49. Center position is for 50-79 and offensive guards and tackles wear 60-79. If you play football, you may not have as many choices on the number you are given for your time on the team.

  2. Use your birthday: A popular way to choose a jersey number is your birthday. Your birthday is already an important number to you with plenty of significance so it makes sense to use it for something as important as your jersey number. You can also use the birthday of someone you love to show how much you appreciate their continued support as you pursue sports.

  3. Use a lucky number: When choosing your uniform number, you want something you feel good about. There are certain lucky numbers everyone seems to want at the beginning of the new season such as lucky 7 or 9. While some numbers are considered lucky, others are considered unlucky by the particularly superstitious. If you are superstitious, you want to stay away from 6 or 13. Of course, a lucky number can be a personal lucky number you have assigned significance to it over the years. You get to decide if a number is lucky for you after all!

  4. Choose the same number as your favorite athlete: Most players have a favorite in the big leagues they look up to both on and off the field. If you have a favorite big leagues player, choosing the same number as them is a great way to pay them tribute. This is also a subtle way to brag that you think your skills are comparable to your favorite player.

  5. Use the number of a parent/grandparent: When choosing a number, you want to choose something of significance to you. If you can’t choose one of the above-mentioned options for your jersey number because they have already been chosen by other players, you can still try one more method to get a more personal number by choosing the number of someone you love. If your parents or grandparents played sports in their day, choosing to wear their old number is a thoughtful thing they will surely appreciate with every game.

  6. Let someone else choose: Some people don’t want the added pressure of picking their own jersey number because it feels like there are so many choices or is just such a big job. If you can’t choose because you are indecisive, let someone else choose. Letting a friend or family member pick your number for you takes away any of the pressure so you can just focus on the upcoming season instead of the jersey number you will carry with you through the season. Playing is enough pressure on its own so enlist help if picking your own number feels like too much.

  7. Choose at random: If you aren’t superstitious or interested in a number with personal significance but still want to pick your own number, you can also choose it at random. Simply write the available numbers on pieces of paper, put them in a hat or bag, and then pick one out. This is also useful when your original number choice is already taken or when you are trying to narrow it down between your favorite numbers overall.

  8. Accept the number given: While having the option of choosing your own jersey number is a great privilege, it is important to remember that it is often a privilege and not a right. Coaches often choose the numbers for the players and you may have little to no say in the matter. There will be times when the number you are assigned isn’t up to you and you just have to take it like a champ. Displaying proper sportsmanship when faced with a number you didn’t want is a great attribute for any athlete.