Caring for Uniforms: Cleaning and Maintenance

Caring for Uniforms Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping an athletic uniform clean can sometimes seem like an uphill battle, and the burden usually falls onto individual team members or the parents of young players. Dirt, grass, mud, and sweat can all wreak havoc on a perfectly good uniform, but you aren’t defenseless against common stains. Whether you are trying to beat blotches and blemishes or you are simply trying to keep your sports uniform as pristine as possible, there are a few tricks to keep up your sleeve when it comes to the next laundry day. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about caring for Dynamic Team Sports uniforms, especially in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

How to Clean White Uniforms

For many athletes, wearing a white uniform carries a special sense of pride. There’s no greater feeling than playing at home in front of family members, fans, and friends. Before stepping out onto that court or field, you should take care in cleaning your white uniform so it can shine just as bright your skills. Although polyester uniforms are extraordinarily colorfast, resilient, strong, and wrinkle-resistant, they are still susceptible to attracting stains and yellowing with age.

We always recommend washing white uniforms separately from colored uniforms to reduce the risk of color bleed and fading. You should avoid using fabric softeners, but you can use laundry additives to help keep those pesky stains at bay. If your white uniform has become dull, dingy, or stained, you can try soaking it overnight in warm water with a stain removing agent and follow normal wash instructions the next morning.

How to Clean Colored Uniforms

Combatting the stains on a colorful uniform can be daunting but removing them is not impossible. To preserve the integrity of a colored uniform, you should avoid using hot water washing and high heat drying, because they will only lead to potential fading issues. One good piece of news is that most of the stains accumulated from baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, soccer, track, and volleyball are all considered protein stains. One of the best ways to treat a protein stain is by using an enzyme-based stain treatment. Many laundry detergents even have enzymes baked directly into their formulas, so you don’t have to look for extra specialty products to keep your colored uniform looking sharp.

How to Clean Uniform Accessories

Although the uniform is typically the first thing any athlete or parent pays attention to, it’s important that you don’t neglect those hard-working accessories. Socks are some of the sweatiest items of clothing an athlete wears and they can also be the smelliest items in a duffel bag. To keep your socks looking like new and from stinking up the sidelines, you should wash them separately from your uniform and other items. Washing athletic socks separately will prevent them from accumulating lint or losing their vibrancy. Try soaking heavily soiled socks in a tub filled with a gallon of warm water and one cup of lemon juice, which is a natural bleaching agent that draws stains out without damaging the fabric. Let the socks soak for one hour before placing them in the washing machine. Once the wash cycle is complete, check to see whether all stains are removed. Soak and wash the socks again if any stains remain after washing.

Taking care of compression garments is also part of being a responsible athlete. Sweat and chlorine will only accelerate the degeneration of elastane and other materials used to make compression sleeves or tights. To enhance the performance life and protect the fabric of your compression garments, you should rinse them in cold water after every game or practice. Handwashing is highly recommended, but you can also wash them in a washing machine in cold water on a setting for delicates. Instead of placing them in the dryer, let your compression garments air-dry.

Discovering the Dynamic Difference

Our signature sports uniforms are made of durable materials that are breathable, easy to clean, and able to perform in all weather conditions. From sliding over that home plate to taking an offensive tackle, our uniforms are designed to help athletes worry less about laundry and more about victory. We proudly offer a wide selection of customizable uniforms for an array of sports. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about caring for uniforms.