A jersey has always been an important part of any ice hockey team since its creation in the 1920s and still is to this day. Technological innovation and discovery have led ice hockey jerseys to become better designed with fabrics that last longer and are more durable than the fabrics used back then, leading to a larger selection for all coach, player, and budget needs.

Whether it’s time for a redesign of the team’s logo and colors or a newly formed team jersey, finding where exactly to begin can be a daunting task. Where do you go for the best quality, selection, and cutting-edge athletic material and how can you tell what’s best?

Along with finding a jersey style that fits, you’ll need the right size, cut, and color choices for precisely what you need. Not many websites can offer as much customization and creativity as we do, so keep that in mind in your search for a manufacturer.

Fabric Choice Counts

The type of fabric an ice hockey jersey has been made from is crucial for many reasons. Your team needs to be able to regulate their body temperatures on the rink and during practice for top performance, not to mention keeping them comfortable. There are natural and synthetic fibers as well as blends that hold their own distinctive characteristics that suit different sports.

While cotton may seem to be the first fabric that comes to mind, and there’s no doubt it is a comfortable material and a popular selection for some athletic wear, however, in instances of constant use, there are several disadvantages. Cotton, when in contact with moisture, holds onto it and takes a long time to dry out. Your hockey team sweats, a lot, especially on the rink during a game or in practice. A cotton jersey would hold that moisture against a player’s body, adding weight and restricting airflow. If sweat doesn’t have adequate airflow it doesn’t evaporate, which is essential in cooling players' bodies down.

There’s also the issue that cotton as a fabric wears down naturally when in constant friction and that moisture-holding property encourages bacteria growth and odors.

Fabric that is moisture-wicking is key to the proper hockey athlete’s jersey. If a manufacturer does not offer a moisture-wicking fabric, then they aren’t the right ice hockey jersey source for your team. Your players don’t perform well when they’re hot, sweaty and uncomfortable.

You’ll find the best moisture-wicking solutions within advanced, synthetic polyester fibers. When shopping with Dynamic Team Sports to create your team’s hockey jersey, we make our jerseys with the most cutting edge synthetics.

Materials like Dyna Dry, Air Mesh and Aero fiber will keep your players dry and cool.

  • Dyna Dry – One of the most popular 100% polyester choices. This flat-backed mock mesh works to keep sweat and moisture away from the skin.

  • Air Mesh – Superior breathability, moisture proof and antibacterial

  • Aero fiber – Maximum four-way stretch that is light, breathable and an open pinhole mesh that contributes to moisture control. 90% polyester and 10% spandex.

Another key factor in choosing a synthetic fabric that can wick away sweat is that the material is much more durable, longer-lasting, odor resistant and can withstand more washing than most natural fibers. Synthetic fibers are more tear-resistant, shrink resistant, and hardier all around.

Jersey Cuts

When you’re considering the new logo, an upgrade or a chance of color—the cut of your ice hockey jersey should be carefully considered as well. You’ll need the right cut to fit your old or new logo, numbers, names and whether the player is Captain or Alternative Captain.

Other manufacturers may be limited in what they can offer for jersey cuts and styles, most often giving you only a single jersey style with limited color and pattern choices as well as restricting the logo. We don’t. When it comes to your team, they deserve the best options that work for them.

We believe there should always be diverse cuts, styles, colors, letters, numbers and logo options for every team from youth hockey to the American Hockey League. We even have a built-in ice hockey customizer that will allow coaches to completely customize their uniforms directly on our site.

  • 14 different styles and cuts available
  • 3 choices for neck colors, dynamic logo color, and two other colors
  • 17 different front jersey fonts
  • Front number effects
  • 17 different number fonts
  • 3 easy front logo position choices left yoke insignia and right yoke insignia.
  • Even more customization available, contact us any time to ask us about it!

We even offer coaches the ability to create a roster of their players directly on our site so that once customization is complete, you can order them all with sizing, number, and player name.

The ice hockey jerseys we offer have been meticulously chosen for their performance, ruggedness and exceptional quality for all levels of hockey athletes around the country. We use state of the art sublimation techniques that guarantee crisp, durable numbers and lettering as well as beautiful color to represent your team.

When you work with us, you work with fellow sports professionals that understand the unique passion and dedication to the community that happens within a team. We work to provide materials, sublimation, and jerseys that meet our strict quality requirements while meeting yours in addition to working side-by-side with coaches, providing the highest-grade product every time.

Your logo, your players, your pride. Designing your jerseys with us will ensure your team looks good, is always comfortable and can rely on a jersey that will last them throughout the season and more to come!