Benefits of Buying Uniforms Wholesale

Benefits of Buying Uniforms Wholesale

Uniforms can come as a steep investment for most schools and sports governing bodies. Plus, it can be very stressful for athletic directors, coaches, and parents to find top-of-the-line apparel for an affordable price. Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank in order to supply your sports team with the highest quality uniforms. We explore the benefits of buying wholesale versus retail to help you decide which option is best for your budget and requirements.

Direct Purchasing vs. Retail Purchasing

Have you ever wondered what sets retail and wholesale apart? Retail purchasing encompasses goods purchased at a retail location. Those goods are made available to consumers through several intermediaries, including distributors and wholesalers. With a complex supply chain in place, retail purchasing often leads to a higher base cost to consumers, although they typically have access to a wide variety of brands. Wholesale purchasing encompasses goods purchased directly from distributors or manufacturers, eliminating intermediaries and any additional costs for transport. As a result, wholesale is less expensive than retail but consumers miss out on having a variety of brands to choose from.

Sports Uniforms: Benefits of Buying Wholesale

Outfitting an entire sports team can be costly and confusing. Today’s athletic apparel is nothing short of fashion, complete with trends and whims that drive the industry. Fortunately, buying in bulk allows you to save.

Affordability: If your number one goal is to save money on uniforms without compromising on quality, wholesale may just be the perfect solution for you. Wholesale pricing follows the basic rule of supply and demand – prices go up when an item is rare and prices go down when an item is readily available. As opposed to retail, wholesale purchasing eliminates the additional costs attached to retail goods for transport, warehouse handling, packaging, display, and marketing. Instead, you go straight to the source while buying in bulk and eliminate the middle man. Because wholesale pricing is usually low, athletes and coaches can get more bang for their buck.

Originality: Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind uniform that will strike fear into the heart of your competition? Most wholesale distributors and manufacturers offer one-of-a-kind designs, making it easy for you to find a uniform that is just as unique as your team. At Dynamic, for example, our staff of designers works directly with every client, translating every team’s unique style into garments that stand out among the rest. Plus, you may not have the option to customize your uniforms as much as you might have wanted by buying retail. Wholesale purchasing allows you to customize the cut and style of your uniforms as well as the fabrics used to make them last all season long.

Quality: In addition to paying lower prices, you can also expect to find better quality apparel for your team. In retail, most uniforms have passed through a funnel of intermediaries before they reach the racks at retail outlets or stores. As a result, those uniforms can look stale or even weathered by the time they reach consumers. By ordering wholesale, your team uniforms will typically come directly from the factory. Big-name brands can take up to 12 weeks to process fully customized sublimated uniforms, but Dynamic can process your order and deliver the uniforms to your door in just four weeks or less. Our custom cut and sew process has been finely tuned over the last several decades.

Selection: Although wholesale purchasing usually means you have a smaller selection of uniform brands to choose from, you may not be disappointed by the wide variety of original designs at your disposal. When shopping at an outlet or store, all you have to choose from is what you see in front of you. When ordering directly from a wholesale business, you can choose any uniform from the entire inventory. Manufacturers are also more inclined to take customization requests or design something completely new if the demand is there.

There are many benefits of buying wholesale, especially when it comes to custom sports uniforms. At Dynamic Team Sports, we have all your needs covered in one convenient place. We offer high-quality uniforms for baseball, basketball, fastpitch, field hockey, football, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, track, volleyball, wrestling, and so much more. If you have any questions about this article or you would like to learn more about our custom uniform process, please feel free to contact us for additional information or further assistance.