Baseball Pants Need To Know

Baseball Pants Need To Know

Baseball pants are an iconic part of the traditional baseball uniform. Reminiscent of baseball of the 20th century, these uniform pants continue to be worn in the sport for leg protection when sliding into bases or diving for airborne baseballs. If you’re searching for new baseball pants for your high school, collegiate, or recreational team, there are a handful of factors to consider for style and fit. This guide will help you make the best decision for your team.

Pant Leg Hem Style

There are two primary baseball pant styles that are commonly seen on the field, both of which we carry here at Dynamic.

  1. Full Length: These pants feature an open hem that rests above the cleats. The open hem provides a comfortable fit and is preferred by casual and professional players alike. Aside from keeping players slightly warmer on cold game days, full-length pants also provide an additional layer of leg protection. If preferred, full-length baseball pants can be rolled up like Knickers. To do this, simply fold the hem upwards to the knee.

  2. Knickers: Knicker baseball pants are knee-high style pants with elastic bottoms. These offer a more traditional appeal and allow team socks to be displayed. The short style of Knickers can also help keep players cool during late spring and summer games.

Fabric Design

High-quality baseball pants are designed to withstand the wear and tear of the sport and prevent the legs from getting banged up. The field’s dirt is coarse and unforgiving, which can really cut up players’ knees and shins if left unprotected. For most baseball pants, the knees and rear are typically reinforced to help absorb the impact from sliding into bases and leaps to catch balls. Back pockets are also crucial for holding a number of items, like batting gloves or wallets. When you choose Dynamic for baseball pants, the back pockets are double welted for secure construction.

You’ll also find many that feature bar tacked tunnel belt loops that can accommodate either elastic or leather belts. Baseball belts are one size fits all, with leather belts as the choice of teams from high school to professional levels. Elastic belts are often worn by youth and recreational leagues, though these can be used by any team in their preferred color.

What about the type of fabric used to create baseball pants? You’ll want moisture-wicking fabric that works to pull sweat off the skin to keep your players cool and comfortable. This fabric also prevents bacteria growth, which can help with controlling odor from sweat. From a team budget perspective, moisture-wicking fabric does not shrink or fade, so it’s a good investment. Our baseball pants are made of this material to offer you the highest quality uniforms available.

Style Design

For the look of the baseball pants, there are several common styles. The pinstripe look has been popularized by Major League Baseball, offering a great vintage look. Teams today still sport this look. Single stripes down the side of the pant legs is called “piped design,” which is a fairly standard design in baseball. You may simply want your team’s pants to be solid colored with no stripes, which can add to the look of the team’s uniforms. At Dynamic, we can do all of these styles and more. In the past, we’ve used full dye sublimation to print unique, one of a kind designs on the front and back of the legs, as well as the inside of the belt loop area. The sky is the limit when creating your team’s uniforms when you choose us, as we specialize in looks that no other team has. Our baseball pants come in youth and adult sizing ranging from Small to Extra Large. We can also provide socks and/or stirrups for your team with the precise colors and logos your team needs. While socks come up around the knees, stirrups stop at the calves.

There’s nothing like a fresh pair of quality baseball pants to open the new season. Excite your team this year with brand new, high quality uniforms that they’ll be proud to wear. Once you know the type of hem and style of baseball pant you want for the team, we can help you create the visual design for them. Whether you simply need your team’s colors or want to add logos and patterns, we can more than satisfy your needs. You can create the entire uniform when you also design your team’s jerseys with us. If you’d like to inquire more about our baseball pant capabilities and placing a complete uniform order for your team, please contact us and we’d be glad to help ensure you get the perfect design.