Baseball Jerseys Need To Know

Baseball Jerseys Need To Know

When choosing new baseball jerseys for your team’s uniforms, you want to give them the best looking and fitting jerseys you can. However, there are a lot of different factors that play a role in this, including cut, fabric, and design. You may find that some cuts appear similar to others or that you’re unsure of which fabric is the best to use. This guide will lay out all you need to know about these baseball jersey characteristics so you can confidently pick out and design the best jerseys your team has ever worn.

Jersey Cut

There are many different baseball jersey styles that players wear depending on the type of team they’re on. You’ll see recreational youth and adult teams wearing t-shirts and two-button jerseys, while the full button ones are typically worn by high school, collegiate, and professional teams. Unless your decision is limited by school board or league restrictions, then the choice is yours. Here are the types of cuts we have here in our inventory:

  1. Raglan 2 Button: The Raglan 2 Button jersey features raglan-style sleeves, a scoop tail, and a fully faced two-button placket.

  2. Raglan Full Button: The Raglan Full Button features the traditional button up front with raglan sleeves and a scoop tail.

  3. Set-In Sleeve Full Button: This jersey is like the Raglan Full Button but has set-in sleeves instead.

  4. Set-In 2 Button: The set-in 2 Button has a straight hemmed bottom, a self-fabric two-button placket, and set-in sleeves. Wearers can choose to button these or leave them open.

  5. Throwback: With a performance fit, the Throwback t-shirt offers a comfortable fit with set-in sleeves. This baseball jersey can be ordered in a crew or V-neck.

  6. Game Tee: The Game Tee has a relaxed t-shirt fit with a straight hemmed bottom and set-in sleeves. This jersey can be ordered in a crew or V-neck.

Depending on the look you and your team want to achieve, any of these cuts will look great on and off the field. If you’d like a more traditional look, choose one of the button-downs. If you’d prefer an in-between of that and a jersey t-shirt, the two-button jerseys maintain that baseball feel but more casual. Players can button or unbutton the two buttons atop the shirt as they wish. You may wish to break from tradition for local hometown leagues and go with either the Throwback or Game Tee.

Jersey Fabric

The type of fabric you select for your jerseys matters greatly, even as much as the cut. It’s true that you should opt for a moisture-wicking fabric to keep the team dry and comfortable during games, but what kind? At Dynamic, we carry five fabric types that each offer something different. These are the fabrics commonly used in baseball jerseys of all kinds:
  1. Dyna Dry: This performance fabric is a flat-backed mock mesh that does a great job in wicking away moisture. Dyna Dry is made of 100% polyester.

  2. Flex Dry: Flex Dry fabric offers a two-way stretch that’s lightweight and very breathable. It also offers moisture management. Flex Dry is 90% polyester and 10% spandex.

  3. Dry Tec: As a microfiber option, Dry Tec is a lightweight and pique moisture wicking fabric. It has a smooth, flat face without any texture. Dry Tec is 100% polyester.

  4. Durafiber: Want a heavyweight material for your team? Choose the double knit Durafiber. This fabric is incredibly durable, yet breathable. It’ll effectively wick away moisture as a 100% polyester option.

  5. Aerofiber: Aerofiber uses advanced methods in its lightweight fabric makeup. It’s designed with open pinhole mesh and has a stretchy, breathable fit. If your team needs a fabric with a lot of stretch and moisture-wicking capability, this is it. Aerofiber is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex.

All of these fabrics are great for baseball jerseys, but some may be better suited for your team than others. Stretchiness or lightweight fabric may be important factors in your decision, not heavy knitted jerseys. Give us a call if you want more information on these fabrics.

Jersey Design

When selecting new jerseys for your team, this is another huge consideration. The term ‘new’ is typically associated with ‘better,’ so make that the case with a company that can deliver. No matter which cut or fabric you choose, we can create beautiful sublimated designs all around the front and backs of these jerseys. No matter which colors, logos, or designs you have in mind, we can more than accommodate! For both jerseys and pants, we can add up to five colors with your team’s name, player number, mascot, and much more featured in clear, vibrant graphics. We give every aspect of your design the utmost attention to detail, down to the typefaces and color perfection. Unlike other companies, we won’t be satisfied until you are. After all, you’ll be representing our work on the field, so we strive to give you the very best!

Still feeling unsure about making a final call on new baseball jerseys? Get your team’s input by downloading our official catalog! If you have other questions about baseball jerseys or placing a complete uniform order with us, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you.